Jaimini Scholar Program


For the first time outside of a few Brahmin families in Orissa, the real deep secrets of Maharishi Jaimini's Upadesha Sutras are being taught. These Upadesha sutras explain the method of applying many of the techniques found in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (BPHS). For hundreds of years, even Indian astrologers have been wondering and guessing what Parashara and Jaimini meant. Such was the confusion that many thought Jaimini had created his own tradition separate from that of Parashara (see Tradition). However the word 'Upadesha' ('Instructions from the master') clearly indicates that the sutras are the teaching of the tradition and thus coming down from Parashara. Maharishi Jaimini has explained many of the teachings of BPHS as well as many insights which would not otherwise be identified from BPHS.

By the kindness of the Rishis through the person of Pandit Sanjay Rath, these closely guarded secrets are now being taught. The course involves a significant number of lessons each year and each principle of Jyotish is taught with related remedies. This course is for those open to spiritual practices and the use of mantras. That does not mean that the relationship of each person with their Diksha Guru (Guru who has given spiritual initiation) is in any way diminished. There have always been Diksha Gurus and Vidya Gurus - teachers of specific arts and sciences. The vast majority of spiritual teachers approve of Vedic remedial measures when needed. A genuine Vidya Guru will encourage students to find a Diksha Guru.


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