Jaimini Scholar Program

The Course

If you are interested, please consider taking the Parasara Hora Course. This is a unique opportunity as Andrew will be mentoring this programme starting January 2014. Serious Parasara students may get the chance to attend the next Jaimini Course.

The Jaimini Scholar program is a four part course taught over five years. It contains a great deal of advanced material not available anywhere else. This is the teaching of an ancient tradition and its wisdom could not be figured out by anyone just from the texts, however intelligent. This is the first era when this knowledge has been taught outside of a few Brahmin families. Many key teachings on remedial measures are included. This course is entirely unlike those courses where material is covered but many secrets are withheld.

Each part of the course is based on a Chapter of Jaimini's Upadesha Sutras and is related to one of the four Vedas. Each is taught as a separate module. Successful participants can obtain certification from the Devaguru Brihaspati Centre (DBC) so that they can teach the program. The DBC and the course leader will determine when a student has reached a sufficient level for certification.

Each year is taught with a mix of online and in-person meetings.

Year 1 will involve a ten-day contact class at our very beautiful facility in Virginia's Piedmont. Additional lessons will be conducted online along with written materials, an active forum and assignments. Year 1 involves 28 principal lessons and several subsidiary lessons.

Charlottesville has a convenient local airport with links to many major hubs. It also has many reasonably priced accomodation options. Distances are quite short and stress levels are low. The climate is good, the food great and the scenery fantastic. No wonder Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe settled here. Below is a photo of Monticello, Jefferson's home and the local scenery.

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Photos courtesy of http://www.visitcharlottesville.org/

The application form for year 1 is here. A tuition fee ($2270*) for the first year is payable to the course leader and a payment is due to the Devaguru Brihaspati Centre for access to the web site (approx $300/year). The web site includes many valuable materials. This contribution is required to obtain certification for successful graduates. The Centre also offers a Sadhana pack including special Malas, an Asan (meditation seat), mantra book and other items which is recommended. Payments can be made in two installments. They are not refundable after the course starts except in exceptional circumstances.

This course is only offered very infrequently and space is limited. Those interested are encouraged to apply promptly.

No one should be confused because the cost of the course is less compared with other courses being taught by respected teachers and organizations in North America. This is part of the kindness of Sanjay. No allowance is being made for administration overhead so students are expected to make their own arrangements for attending the contact classes (though we will help with hotel suggestions, etc.).


This course will be led by Jaimini Scholar Andrew Foss, PhD, MSc, MA(Oxon).

*Recommended minimum. My students tell me this fee is too low. Donations beyond this are accepted.

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